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Before You Start
Young Businesses
6 Years & Greater

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The One Stop Support Shop for Entrepreneurs BEFORE Starting Up a Business. 

Our support includes start up advice:

  • What is the best way to organize your company’s structure?
  • What is the best way to set-up a succession plan so that your new business can continue if something happens to you.

 Our support includes marketing advice:

  • We can help you with your business plan, site choice, financial contacts for start-up costs and a marketing plan to best reach your target market.
  • Business Professionals Support Network.

 Existing Businesses:

 Our support includes legal advice:

  • Been in business for a while with no thoughts of what would happen to all your hard work if something were to happen to you?  We can assist you with the best way to set-up a succession plan.
  • We also offer assistance with buying or selling an existing business.

 Our support includes marketing advice:

  • Facilitate the formulation and implementation of a strategic plan for your business, which will help you focus on your strengths.
  • Need to grow your existing business?  We can help you with a marketing plan that will help you capture your target market.
  • Current target market not capturing the business you anticipated?  We can help you refocus on a new, more profitable target market.
  • Market research & analysis, writing business briefs for industry publications and press releases.
  • Business Professionals Support Network.


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